Carovny design / Magical design

Nie je nic krajsie ako ked Vam byt alebo dom zdobia krasne designove kusky. Kazdy jeden kusok uverejnenych nizsie by som si vedela u mna doma predstavit, vsak preco nie :)
Napady su to uchvatne, design zvladnuty a prepracovany velmi dobre, je to fakt krasa, co poviete?
Lucia Albertine


It is really nice to have perfect design pieces in our homes. Each of these beauties below are wonderful and I know to imagine to have it at home, why not? :)
The ideas are amazing, design stunning and well done, really it is wonderful job, what do you think?
Lucia Albertine

 By Lassen


Ferm Living




Lind DNA / Designdelicatesse

Nomess Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen



Images via Boligpluss


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Amazing and lovely handmade products of slovak brand Handmade Janett

White scandinavian apartment with comfortable atmosphere

Perfect scandinavian elegance in a smaller space