nedeľa 16. marca 2014

Neskutocne krasny domov / Unbelievable beautiful home

Myslim, ze nadpis naozaj hovori za vsetko. Je to krasny biely domov, doplneny fantastickymi dekoraciami a nabytkom. Samozrejme vela robi aj architektura domu, dve poschodia. A co sa paci mne? No to by som musela vymenovat asi vsetko z domu a kto ma sleduje uz dlhsie, pozna moj styl a kto nie, tak pre mna je naj lampa v kuchyni, schodisko, relaxacny kutik, drevene tramy, priestrannost izieb....vazne neskutocne  :)
A vam sa na tomto byte co najviac paci?
Vasa Lucia Albertine


I think that the title of this post is talking all about this home. It is nice and white flat with fantastic decorations and the furniture too. Of course, we can not forget on fantastic architecture. And what I like in this apartment? Ohh, who knows me and my blog, knows my style very well but who doesn´t know is the lamp in the kitchen, staircase, wooden beams, relaxing corner, large rooms...beautiful :)
And what do you like here in the stunning home?
Your Lucia Albertine

Images via Bjurfors

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