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Zobrazujú sa príspevky z dátumu augusta 13, 2013

White and grey scandinavian elegant house / Biely a šedý škandinávsky elegantný dom

This beautiful and elegant house is for sale through Real Estate Agency Svensk Fastighets Förmedling. This house is enough spacious. We can start already with the hallway. It is nice in white color, there is mirror in  interesting frame but in small. The living room is beautiful and pleasant place in white – grey combination. Looks nice and airy. I love high ceilings and big windows. And what about the kitchen? It is stunning kitchen with my favourite color’s combination. The kitchen unit looks so chic. :) And the lapms? WOW :) The bedroom has 2 parts, first is for sleeping in amazing white – grey combination and second part in   pink and white color´s combination revived the entire room. The kids room is merry room. The bed is absolutely perfect. It is very good that in this room is other color, in this case red color. :) And last room is the bathroom. It is so BEAUTIFUL and chic place in this house. I think that each bathroom has to be large and