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Zobrazujú sa príspevky z dátumu augusta 19, 2013

Talented lover of french grey and scandinavian white / Talentovaná fanynka francúzskej šedej a škandinávskej bielej

Today I would like to introduce one great woman from Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is Desiree of Vosgesparis. She is stylist, painter, DIY –er, blogger, photographer and she contributes some interesting articles to magazines. Desiree can locate inspirations in small for others people ordinary things. And then the result of her work is incredible and stunning. :) I love part of her sentence “ my home is a playground for my never ending inspiration “. This is Desiree. I love her blog vosgesparis . blogspot . com , she gives us a lot of inspirations to decorate our homes. She shows always interesting houses and their design, inspirations from her studio, other places from her house ( I love it ), introduce some stylists, her stylist works ( love it because it is always inspiring and cool ). :) She is also founder and editor of other blog Amsterdam next . It is guide of Amsterdam where you can find the most interesting places in this beautiful city. Dn

Chic and beautiful scandinavian apartment / Chic a nádhernýškandinávsky byt

This gorgeous apartment is from Real Estate Agency Alvhem Makleri. It is absolutely perfect apartment, I like this apartment also for his brick walls. This apartment is thanks to it very chic. The hallway has nice design, lovely white stairs and the wardrobe is well placed under the stairs. Great idea! :) The kitchen is also nice, white and there is a lot of space for cooking. :) That’s important! The bedroom is pleasant big place with nice colors and beautiful chairs. The living room is spacious. fantastic room, I love this type of coffee table :) and super view of the terrace. The terrace is large, nice and suitable for daily and evening seating. The kids room is so sweet room. The white color with color’s decorations give to this room tenderness. It is very LOVELY room. :) And the last room is the bathroom. This bathroom is very nice and has nice washbasin…..hmm…. WOW I love ideas for decoration, a lot of green plants and flower