Advent time

Ked uz konecne nastal adventny cas, urcite je prijemne,  ked sa Vam vianocna vona siri vasim pribytkom.
V tomto poste najdete niekolko receptov ako si vykuzlit spravnu vianocnu atmosferu.
Urcite neobidte kombinacie muskatoveho orieska, pomarancu, jablka, skorice, brusnic, borovicovych vetiev a badianu. Vlozte do hrnca Vasu oblubenu kombinaciu a privedte do varu. 
Ak mate prilezitost, mozete udrzovat tuto vonu tak, ze si zmes v hrnci budete zohrievat na krbe alebo kachliach.
Prajem krasnu vianocnu atmosferu!
Lucia Albertine


When we have finally wonderful advent time, we want to feel this atmosphere also in our homes.
You can find in this post some recipes how you can create pleasant x-mas feeling.
For it, you choose the combinations of orange, nutmeg, apple, cinnamon stick, cranberries, pine boughs, star anise. Place in a pot with water, bring to boil and you'll see that the Christmas spirit is spreading as fast as the amazing aromas!
A good tip to keep the pot warm is to set the pot with the contents on a stove or fireplace if you have it. 
Have a nice Christmas atmosphere!
Lucia Albertine

Images via Skonahem


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