piatok 16. mája 2014

Carovny, skandinavsky interier v bielom sate / Magical, scandinavian apartment in white dress

Myslim, ze je na mieste, ked poviem, ze biela je kralovska farba a naozaj to dokazuje prave v tomto byte.
Je to mensi byt s rozlohou 42 metrov stvorcovych, ale priestor je vyuzity naozaj pekne. Neskutocna je obyvacia izba so vsetkymi dekoraciami a obrazmi a samozrejme aj spalna. Sklenna stena vyzera priam fantasticky a cool. No a aby to pre niekoho nebolo prilis biele a fadne, tak cierna stena na chodbe to naozaj dobre ozivi.
Co poviete vy? Paci sa Vam tento byt s prevahou bielej farby? Ak mate cas, skuste komentovat, velmi ma zaujima vas nazor!
Krasny den prajem!
Vasa Lucia Albertine


I guess it is right that the white color is royal color and you can see it in this scandinavia apartment.
It is smaller flat with 42 sqaure metres but the space is designed nicely. I love unbelievable living room with all decorations and pictures and of course we can not to forget on the bedroom. The glass wall looks so perfect and cool. If somebody doesn´t like too much white color I think black wallpaper in the hallway is wonderful. 
What do you say about this small apartment? Please let your commnet because I would like to know your opinions.
Have a lovely day!
Your Lucia Albertine

Images via Innerstadsspecialisten

Nadherne San Francisco / Beautiful San Francicso

San Fracisco je krasne mesto s este krajsimi budavami, tu je maly priklad, co sa ukryva v tomto meste.
Prajem krasny piatok!
Lucia Albertine


San Francisco is nice city with beautiful buildings. Here is small example what is in this city.
Have a nice Friday!
Lucia Albertine

Hlavna recepcia Twitter office / Main reception area of Twitter's office with reclaimed bowling alley console fabricated by the Lundberg Design shop. Photography by Chad Ziemendorf. 

 Historic auditorium converted into dining commons and multi-function office space. Acoustic ceiling clouds create sculptural effect. Photography by Chad Ziemendorf. 

 Historicka budova, kde boli integrovane moderne prvky / Historic building elements were preserved and integrated into the modern interior setting. Photography by Chad Ziemendorf.

350 Mission Street by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. © Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, 2014. All rights reserved. 

181 Fremont Street by Heller Manus. Rendering by Heller Manus Architects. 

Sidlo hasicov / Firehouse No. 1. by Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects. Photography by Tim Griffith/Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects.

Images via Interior Design

Cool light swedish apartment

....aj dnes urcite podskoci srdiecko nejedneho fanusika skandinavskeho interieroveho designu...ved nie je sa ani comu cudovat, dnesny int...