Bedroom styling

...kde inde by sa mal clovek lepsie citit, nez u seba doma...jednou z najhlavnejsich izieb je povazovana spalna a nie je sa ani co to osobna zona kazdeho cloveka, ci uz spalnu pouziva len na prenocovanie alebo aj relaxovanie....
zopar tipov na pohodlnu spalnu najdete nizsie pod textom a vsimnite si, ze na fotografiach nenajdete ziadny home office, pocitace alebo televizory, to rozhdone do spalne nepatri :)


...the bedroom is a place where everyone feels comfort and is one of favourite and important rooms in the apartmnet and we know why.....this space is a personal zone of us and doesn't matter if you use the room only for sleeping or for relaxing...
you can fids some nice tips below and please notice that no home office, no television are on the images because the bedroom is not place for it...

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