Interesting design

....v poslednom case sa mi nekonecne paci jeden prvok a myslim, ze aj velmi dolezity a to mat v izbe jednu stolicku ako "soliter "...
...nemusi a nemala by sluzit ako odlozisko nepotrebnych veci alebo oblecenia, ale jednoducho je urcena na relax a podla toho by sme si ju aj mali vyberat, ci v nej budeme len relaxovat, citat, pocuvat hudbu....
takuto stolicku kludne mozeme mat v akejkolvek izbe a nech vzdy bude plnit ulohu tu relaxacnu :)


I have found in last months really nice and interesting thing in interior is one chair in the room as a "solitaire "... is great to have one separate chair in any room only for us...for our relax and you can choose the chair only for relax or for relax with the book...:)
I think this feature in design is absolutely perfect :)

Images via Hemnet


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