Minimalist bedrooms

...ak mate chut nieco vo svojom dome alebo byte zmenit, mozete kludne zacat aj od spalne...
inspiracie uvedene pod textom su uzasne, minimalisticke, napadite a chic, urcite si v nich kazdy to svoje najde a ak predsa nechcete robit ziadne velke zmeny, tak staci zmenit len dekoracie, obliecky, premiestnit mensi nabytok, stolicku.....robi to zazraky :)
Krasny den prajem!
Lucia Albertine


...if you want to change something in your flat or house, you can start from the bedroom...
the inspirations below are more than fantastic, with a lot of ideas, minimalist and I think everyone can find something new on the photos below......and if you don't want to do some big changes in your interiors, rooms, change some small decorations, pillows, replace small furniture ( chairs ) can do some miracles in your space... :)
Have a nice day!
Lucia Albertine

by Fulvio Etna Studio

by Stanislav Ermolenko

 by Capital Building

by Fulcrum Structural Engineering

by Goldfish - Interiors

by usona

Images via World inside Pictures


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