Shangai punch bar

...neskutocna super atmosfera dycha z tychto priestorov... bar sa nachadza v starej stvrti Shangaia a zameriava sa na jeden napoj a to na punc a koktejly z neho, pricom vyuziva i dalsie ingrediencie a to alkohol, citron, cukor, vodu, caj a korenie... ma k dispozicii 155 metrov stvorcovych a prevazne vyuziva orechove drevo, priestory su zariadene krasne, takisto je aj dobre zvoleny nabytok, ktory len a len podciarkuje styl baru a hlavne jeho umiestnenie :)


..we can discover absolutely perfect and unbelievable atmosphere in this bar which is located in Shangai and specialises only for one drink and it is punch and coctails with it...with other ingrediences as alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, tea and spice :)...
this bar has 155 square metres and one of other materials there is walnut wood, it looks perfect :)..whole interior is arranged nicely, the furniture is great and nice for older Shangai's place....

Images via dezeen
Interior Architect and Interior Designer: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office
Design team: Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Dirk Weiblen, Anqing Zhu, Harry Thomson, Christine Neri, Evelyn Chiu, Brian Lo, Jean-Philippe Bonzon


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