Dansky byt s industrialnym nadychom / Danish apartment with industrial esprit

Tento byt, ktory ma rozlohu 75m2 je absolutne uzasny. Rekonstrukcia tomuto bytu pomohla a ma nadhernu industrialnu amtosferu. Mna jednoznacne dostal tehlami, ktore su tu pouzite, farebnou skalou, materialmi a samozrejme bielou drevenou podlahou. No a jednoznacne sa musi nechat ta kuchyna, veru  neodmietla by som taku :)


This apartment which has 75 m2 is absolutely amazing. The reconstruction helped to this space and now has wonderful industrial atmosphere. I adore a lot of things there, especially the bricks, colors, all the materials and white wooden floor. Ohhhh yes,......the kitchen is fabulous :) I would like to have exactly the same  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm:)

Images via Mad&Bolig


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